Hellgate Rockhampton

Day one
Remember, remember the fifth of november

5/11 21:15 Tom, Tim and Steve go to Movies (Doctor Strange)
22:37 Power and phones go out, Massive storm under way
22:44 Left the cinema
22:46 First zombie spotted
22:52 abandoned car in face of group of zombies
23:20 reach Tom’s home, hole up for night
6/11 05:02 storm
06:22 storm stops, the sky is red
08:22 pack as much food as can carry, leave tom’s house, many groups of zombies spotted
08:45 fought a group of zombies, Tom became infected and looted abandoned police car
09:05 made it to Steve’s home boxed up as much food as possible
09:56 finished packing food leave Steve’s house, dodge zombies attracted
09:58 spotted mob looting IGA
10:26 while crossing old bridge spotted bright red light over Kershaw gardens and abandoned police cars on the new bridge.
10:29 spotted mob looting Target
10:42 arrived Tim’s house holed up
13:32 Tom became feverish was handcuffed to a railing
14:20-17:30 others took a sledge hammer to front and back steps barricaded doors and windows and cut hole in veranda roof placing a ladder under it.
18:12 Storm
19:22 storm stops
The evening and the morning were the first day.


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